Wow. Getting better, trying to take care of myself and taking it easy. Been exploring and working on self-improvement and healing. I believe that are improving myself and healing are parts of my purpose in life. In the process, I have been doing some reading, listening, and coursework. I have to recommend a free course in tapping that is available online now through March 8th @ It is amazing, it is a kind of energy approach, like acupuncture or transdermal nerve stimulation but without the needles or electricity. It utilizes positive affirmations and exploring barriers to change. It is used for various applications, such as for pain relief, stress reduction, PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc . (I do not know what all). It does seem helpful so far and has helped me look at some of my own problems, but have only tried it for 2 days so far.

One of the guests I listened to was Cheryl Richardson, an author, most recently wrote “Waking Up in Winter: In Search of What Really Matters at Midlife” who was talking about life stages. Her take was that she related life stages to the seasons of one’s life, spring, summer, autumn, winter. WOW. Talk about relating. Choosing to focus on our lives at this point is like – if not now, when, this is our last chance to do what our heart speaks to us in our core.

Part of what happens to most of us as we get older is that we start facing our own mortality, I know that I have been blessed to have survived this far; not all of us get to be 64. I am no longer into working as much as I can (hence retirement) or being famous, rich or whatever, that are outside accolades that one may acquire over a lifetime.

Life is short, none of us knows how long we have and therefore I want to make the most of it. Now, I don’t mean grand plans. I mean what is important to me:  family, health, happiness. For instance, I want to spend quality time with my husband. My husband is 17 years older than I, and part of the reason I retired a bit early is to be able to enjoy some time together traveling or just being together while we are both mobile, physically able enough to enjoy ourselves.

Still listening to Cheryl talk about these things reinforced my own beliefs about retirement. It is important to simplify, focus on what is important, accomplish what needs to be finished.

It is important to do get rid of the extra garbage in our lives. Many of us are trying to get rid of our excess baggage, simplify our lives, distill down to what is important. Minimize, downsize. Clearing out a lot of my clutter is one of my goals, clear my space, clear my mind. I have difficulty letting go, and my husband, a child of the depression, feels like he cannot have too much of whatever he thinks we need. When my in-laws died it took us 2 years to finish off their soup collection. I have my work cut out for me.

Focus on what is important for me means finding one’s purpose. I do not think there is necessarily one purpose for each of us. I rather believe that most of us have many purposes to fulfill in our lives. Some we may never realize, as we are undertaking for others so they can learn and do what is in their life’s plan. Not all purposes have to be huge or have to any meaning to anyone else, like reading a particular book. For me, I am choosing several areas to explore and improve myself as part of my life purpose, such as writing this blog, learning about tapping (which I did not know about 2 weeks ago), learning another language, photography, improving my nutrition, exercising as able (I am slightly disabled),  working on improving our country by participating in our democracy as a precinct chairperson, spending time with family and friends. These are the things that are important to me and that I want to spend time doing, to improve myself and my life

I know that I have a limited time left on this planet and I want to make it count, I want to leave with the earth being better off for my having been here. I want to feel ready when my time is up, but I still do not want that to be anytime soon.  I wish to minimize any regrets. I want to be able to enjoy myself and feel comfortable with being me. How about you?


Each day can be one of triumph If you keep up your interests.

George Matthew Adams


Is My Early Retirement — Too Late?

    Here I have been worrying about retiring too early. I am 64 and my “full” retirement age is a year and a half away yet. I had been deciding to retire early for many reasons, including wanting to spend some quality years with my older husband with us both healthy.

     Now I find myself seriously sick these last two weeks with a “cold”. At least I have been hoping it is only a cold, since I have had no fever. But hearing reports about young people thinking they just have a cold and then dying, of pneumonia supposedly after being having the flu going around. John, my husband and I have been sick for 1, going on 2 weeks now. Then, last night I was considering going to the ER, Urgent center or seeing a doctor. I was having trouble breathing and standing upright with pain on my right lungs area.  I remember having similar pain when I was in my 20’s, pleurisy and walking pneumonia. Pleurisy for the stabbing pain with deep breathing and walking pneumonia since I was still up walking and had pneumonia.

     Well we have both gotten through last night and today. Have been taking zinc lozenges and loads of healthy foods/liquids: mostly taking green smoothies and vegetable-bean soups with lots of healing spices like turmeric, nutritional yeast and other such additives to up our nutrient levels. Health regained by healthy intake. Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food as Hippocrates stated.

     We seem to be a bit better today. I sure hope we are both truly better. I will be extremely mad if I am retiring too late to enjoy any time with my husband. Even madder if I am not around for at least a couple of years to explore and do a few of the things on the old bucket list.


Hey, I must apologize for not posting in some time. I have no excuse and every excuse under the sun. I retired, just before Christmas. I have been looking forward to being retired. I was going to change my life; my time was my own. I had such plans. I was going to take care of my health, exercise, eat right, clean my house, take care of my husband AND have time to do those things that interest me.

One of those things I wanted to do was to work on this blog. I was going to write, share what I have learned with others. Turn my life around to one that is shiny and bright.

What happened? One of my problems was that I let my sister get in my head. Now, my sister is a wonderful, talented person. Still, she thinks I am crazy for starting this blog thing; a big waste of time that people sign up for and then it eats up your time and you can’t do it. Kind of like a New Years resolution, it falls by the way side. So, that has happened, life got in the way and I haven’t posted in some time. but even so, I have found that writing is good for me. Here I am, back writing and posting again.

What got in the way? A lot of things but, really regular life. Especially as we get older, life, death and illnesses eat up a lot more of our time. When I was talking with my sister, we were going to an unexpected family funeral in another state. That ate up a week.

Then work was calling, my boss told me that I should work, not retire. Asked me to fill in for another worker, tried to get me to pick up some hours here and there. “Just12 hours overnight”.  Just for this one client no one else knew how to care for her problem and equipment (I am a nurse). I did help 1 day and have continued to take care of one client. I enjoy working but I am ready to retire. Then they found another nurse who knows how to access an implanted port; so I retired fully, I thought. Then that nurse fell and broke some bones, and I am continuing to care for this one client, which is fine, for now. I am finding that I really want to retire. There goes another week, or two.

Then my brother couldn’t urinate and I ended up taking him to the Emergency Room. Then, I got sick, then my husband got sick (he thinks he still is and thinks we both had the flu, though no fever, chills, body aches). As the cold/flu finished I then developed a nasty cyst on by back: it became HUGE, red, swollen and painful. That brings me up to today.  I know I have to go see the doctor, but, first I have to take my brother in for surgery tomorrow.

Nurses are not good at taking care of ourselves. I am on Obamacare for right now.  Will start Medicare March 1st. I was hoping to hold out until then, since it will all be out of pocket for now. Thinking I must go before then, crap.

So, I feel like I have accomplished nothing. I did not get organized. I did not get my house all cleaned. I did not finish my cooking class. I did not lose weight (I know not a great combo). I did not exercise or even successfully fix my treadmill. I did not finish my nutrition course. I did not find my camera and take pictures. I did not blog. I felt like a failure and like my schedule was out of control and that I was hopelessly behind in everything.

I look at this and realize that I have been unrealistic and putting a lot of totally unnecessary pressure on myself. The reality is my schedule still belongs to me. I will get things done as I am able. Life will continue to get in the way. I will learn how to manage my time better with a regular schedule and share what I learn. One of my favorite songs I found when my father died, was by Bob Carlisle called “We Fall Down” and talks about how we all fall down, then we have to get back up. I am getting back up. I am blogging, and it feels good. Life spins on.

First Post About My Retirement Life Journey


JoAnn First Photo


Hello, my name is JoAnn. I have just recently retired. I have been trying to retire now for about 9 months. Went in to fill in for someone sick last week and my boss started talking to me about how I should still work. The truth is I am a little young for retirement, I am only 64, I would be better off, financially, if I retire later. My social security benefits will be at the target if I wait until my allowed quit age of 66; that is over a year from now. Today, I canceled visiting with a friend of mine because I am now sick, just a sore throat and cough, but I think there is a relationship between being sick and questioning my decision to retire?


One of my reasons for wanting to do this blog is that I know I am not alone in my quandaries.  I want to retire for several reasons:

  • I am tired
  • I want to spend more time with my husband
  • I want to explore my own interests
  • I want my time to be my own
  • I want to enjoy myself
  • I want to spend more time with friends/family
  • I want to travel a little too


I realize that I, like most of us, want to retire and enjoy ourselves. I do not want to retire “too late”, only to find that I am too sick, too disabled or dying. I have dreamed of having an enjoyable retirement with time to spend with my husband doing things we enjoy. I realize that in order to have whatever retirement we dream of requires that we be healthy and happy. That is why for this blog, my focus will be on all things that promote good health and happiness not money matters. Health and happiness are our true wealth in my opinion.


I also do not believe in coincidences. I have Alexa in my house and this month they offer a free audible reading of the book “The Confidence Gap: A Guide To Overcoming Fear And Self-Doubt”. Just the sort of boost I needed, in the introduction it talks about mindfulness, BINGO! I am a fan. Next, it goes on to talk about values and goals. All great topics for me. I do prefer to avoid conflict, I like to be agreeable, even when I do not agree.


Long story short, retirement does not mean the end of challenges. Rather those challenges I choose to pursue become more dear, important, if only to me. Just to put the nail in the coffin, below is today’s’ quote presented on my Sudoku game. I LOVE quotes.

“While one finds company in himself and his pursuits, he cannot feel old, no matter what his years be.” Amos Bronson Alcott